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Weekly market watch: Grim employment data leads to a weak Dollar

by Staff Writer | May 10, 2021

The Pound and Aussie Dollar finished last week as winners, while the Rand’s rally appears to be slowing.

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Weekly Market Watch: UK leads the vaccination race

by Staff Writer | Apr 26, 2021

The Pound rebounded confidently over the past week, while the USD and AUD lulled.

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Weekly market watch: Another strong week for the Rand

by Staff Writer | Apr 19, 2021

The Rand outperformed almost all major currencies, while the UK's easing of lockdown boosts economic activity and consumer confidence.

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Weekly market watch: UK reopening boosts optimism

by Staff Writer | Apr 12, 2021

This week’s economic calendar will be a little busier than last week, with key data due. Surprising UK growth, Australian job market results a...

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Weekly market watch: Peering ahead at normalcy

by Staff Writer | Apr 7, 2021

A year after the market cratered in the Covid-19 crash, the global outlook is set to turn optimistic.

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Weekly Market Watch: Major markets on the rebound

by Staff Writer | Mar 29, 2021

Despite varied vaccination successes, major markets continue to maintain positive outlooks ahead of a week of heavy data releases.

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Weekly Market Watch: Interest rate narratives dominate headlines

by Staff Writer | Mar 22, 2021

While conversation around interest rates continue to dominate the headlines, economic recovery is in focus as vaccination progress is made acr...

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Weekly market watch: Aussie Dollar continues to shine

by Staff Writer | Mar 15, 2021

While the major currencies remained stable, it was the Aussie’s strong local data, and stronger forecast, that secured its top-spot status las...

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Weekly Market Watch: Growth hopes and inflation fears

by Staff Writer | Mar 8, 2021

Developments in the global markets last week saw the Dollar and Pound rise, while the Euro and Rand tumbled.

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Weekly Market Watch: GBP/USD trends lower ahead of UK’s budget

by Staff Writer | Mar 1, 2021

Despite a choppy week for the markets, all eyes will be on Sunak Rishi’s UK budget and road to recovery on Wednesday.

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Weekly market watch: British Pound and Aussie Dollar dominate

by Staff Writer | Feb 22, 2021

While the major markets flounder, the British Pound and Aussie Dollar are soaring amid positive economic updates and better-than-expected jobs...

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Weekly market watch: Dollar weakness returns

by Staff Writer | Feb 15, 2021

Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports will drive the global market this week.

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Weekly Market Watch: Covid-19 variants dim vaccine optimism

by Staff Writer | Feb 8, 2021

Despite excitement about the new US stimulus package, Coronavirus concerns remain in play for the global market.

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Weekly market watch: Data releases and policy decisions aplenty

by Staff Writer | Feb 1, 2021

Heavy data releases will capture market attention over the coming week.

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Weekly Market Watch: Continued uncertainty in the global economy

by Staff Writer | Jan 25, 2021

With a light week of data ahead, major and emerging markets are still subject to widespread volatility.

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Weekly Market Watch: The Biden era begins

by Staff Writer | Jan 18, 2021

Despite a new administration taking office in the US, retail sales, consumer prices and economic trend indexes will drive the data-heavy week ...

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Weekly market watch: A turbulent start to the new year

by Staff Writer | Jan 11, 2021

Wide-ranging economic data from the end of 2020 continues to guide major currencies, alongside continued Covid-19 developments and renewed loc...

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Weekly Market Watch: End-of-year buoyancy dwindles

by Staff Writer | Dec 21, 2020

Markets are mixed as a new variant of the Coronavirus is causing chaos ahead of the holiday season.

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Weekly Market Watch: Vaccine roll-out begins

by Staff Writer | Dec 14, 2020

Risk sentiment is set to drive major economies over the coming week, on the back of widespread vaccine deployment.

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Weekly market watch: Volatility abounds as optimism wanes

by Staff Writer | Dec 7, 2020

Despite hopes of a continued upward trend, the market remains volatile on the back of a heavy economic data week.

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