Golden Visa stays – Portuguese citizenship-by-investment still viable

by Nathalie Ferreira | Jul 4, 2022

Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme is back on track and foreign investors can now submit their applications.

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Studying medicine abroad – a guide for international students

by Brent Morris | Jul 1, 2022

Getting accepted into medical school in South Africa is highly competitive. This has made studying abroad an increasingly popular option for i...

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How currency exchange rates are determined

by Staff Writer | Jun 24, 2022

Currency exchange rates are one of the most volatile financial phenomena and are driven by a multitude of factors, ranging from political inst...

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Should you move to the UK? Why sending your child to a UK university may be better

by Brent Morris | Jun 24, 2022

The prospect of immigrating to the UK is very enticing but is it the best investment for your children? We break down how to study abroad in t...

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South Africans in the UK: How to get a UK mortgage

by Bill Monty | Jun 8, 2022

When you first arrive in the UK from South Africa and wish to buy a property, the UK mortgage landscape can be confusing. We break down everyt...

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Financial emigration vs tax emigration – understanding the difference

by William Louw | Jun 8, 2022

Financial emigration was a process used by many South Africans who emigrated to access their retirement annuities, inheritance and other South...

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Financial considerations when moving to Portugal after Brexit

by Cláudia Mendes | May 31, 2022

Despite Brexit, Portugal’s still a great option for Brits looking to relocate. It boasts a stunning climate, low cost of living, friendly loca...

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A brief history of the British pound sterling (GBP)

by Staff Writer | May 31, 2022

Today, the British Pound is considered one of the most stable and strongest currencies in the world. It is also one of the most traded amongst...

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UK spouse visa vs fiancé visa – the pros and cons

by John Dunn | May 31, 2022

The UK family visa has a few different categories depending on your relationship status. The spouse visa, or “partner visa”, is the most commo...

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